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4 EARLY DAYS OF MANHATTAN (10 points)Read the text about the history of the island of Manhattan. Fill in the gaps with parts of the sentences below. You have one extra sentence.Native Americans communities had been living on the island of “Manahtin” for some time before (1) ________________________ . Manahtin was the name (2)________________. Hudson was exploring rivers in North America and was the first non-native American (3)______________________. Hudson left Manahtin and continued travelling up the river. The river was eventually named “Hudson” (4) _______________. By 1625 the Dutch made a settlement on the island and started (5)_____________________. In 1626, the Dutch Governor General Minuit bought the island of Manhattan (6) ______________________.When the Dutch lived on the island of Manahtin, they named their new settlement (7) ______________. But in 1664, the British became the owners of the island and then the Dutch lived under the British king. The British king, Charles, gave the island a new name – (8)______________, brother of the king. The Dutch and the British continued fighting and in 1689 the Dutch recaptured New York and (9)__________________. Then, in 1670, New York became British again, (10)______________________.A renamed it New OrangeB after himC New AmsterdamD from the IndiansE New York, after James, Duke of YorkF Henry Hudson arrived in 1609G a trading postH after the Treaty of WestminsterI the Algonquin Indians gave the islandJ an Indian trailK to step onto the island

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